Ceramatec's breakthrough is that high energy density (a lot of juice) can be achieved safely at normal temperatures and with solid components, not hot liquid.

Ceramatec says its new generation of battery would deliver a continuous flow of 5 kilowatts of electricity over four hours, with 3,650 daily discharge/recharge cycles over 10 years. With the batteries expected to sell in the neighborhood of

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Directory:ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation

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: ERR = Electromagnetic Radiation Receiver

Electromagnet Flux Energy Research

The ERR Fluxgenerator harvests unseen energy from the environment in a manner not dissimilar from solar photovoltaic panels.

In ~2006, inventor, James B. Schwartz, came up with a version that allegedly puts out as much as six kilowatts of electricity, tying into the Earth's frequencies, using a solid state arrangement in a panel made from "left-handed material" -- Aluminum and Bismuth interwoven with coils.

He has been in process of testing, refining, and scaling up the design.

: "I consider this one of the most promising designs and groups for bringing forward a working device that will provide clean energy 24/7/365." -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan Nov. 23, 2009


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On Aug. 15, 2009, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan extended an invitation to Dr. Schwartz to come on the Free Energy Now radio show.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††an interview with James Ben Schwartz with Bill Alek - Dec 13, 2008


ERR Fluxgenerator selfrunning 3 KW Free Energy generatorWFqwY8q-5ZE

ERR Fluxgenerator selfrunning 3 KW Free Energy generator (YouTube backup by overunitydotcom July 26, 2009)

To all our members - Dr. Schwartz comments on the video on his forum. "The proof of concept video that Stefan posted up is relatively new, filmed just a few months ago, but the technology and principle of operation have been a matter of research for many years now. Others ahead of us have pioneered similar

technology, like Moray and Tesla, but as of yet none have perfected it to the point that others can use it. ... My research has had quite a few setbacks over the years and even now there are safety concerns associated with this type of device. Progress is being made and arrangements are in place to move toward the realization of genuine usable power production, but there are still steps ahead that must not be rushed to ensure the success of this technology." (Aug 8, 2009)

Dr. Schwartz explains in the video: "We have three plates here... [with] a solid piece of aluminum on one side, [followed by] a sheet of bismuth, [followed by] another aluminum plate with six cut-outs you've got the coils in there then you put another bismuth, another plate of coils on top of that, then another bismuth, then another solid plate, then you've got a panel. When we activate these with our activator, which causes the frequencies in these plates with alternating frequency, they produce electrons by agitating the bismuth and aluminum. We've got to ground it to the earth. That's what we're going to do here and find the frequency of the earth that matches. It will seek out and find."

"It's designed as a 6,000 Watt system, but today we're only putting out about [~2,400] Watts. We've got three 800-Watt lights. The weight is approximately 42 pounds, and that's mostly the case. The plates and circuits boards are about 8 pounds."

Dr. Schwartz Free Energy Electromagnetic Generator


Its similar to Tom Beardens MEG except that it doesnt need an external power supply to switch the magnetic fields. It uses a very powerful magnet with a special circuit board that contains a new hi-tech chip to switch the magnetic fields. It also contains ultra-thin graphite sheets called graphene. Using a very sensitive technique, we were able to separate the individual sheets of carbon atoms that are layered on top of one another in graphite. These layers are electrically conducting because they contain electrons that are free to roam across each layer. In the graphene, the charge carrying particles act as if they're without mass, or weight. In this respect theyre more like photon particles that convey light than like electrons. (YouTube backup by overunitydotcom July 28, 2009)

Free Energy Elemental Rod Generator 1


(YouTube / SowhatNC December 22, 2006)

Information Sheet about ERR

On July 28, 2009, Stefan Hartman posted the following from Dr. Schwartz:

For many years I have been experimenting with new materials that support electromagnetic wave propagation in ways that are not observed in nature. Other research teams around the world are doing similar experiments that also backup this theory. I have been able to create materials that support this type of effect for light and other electromagnetic waves. Even some physicists are starting to challenge what was thought to be the basic laws of nature. Many of the hard-nosed skeptics are finding it increasingly more difficult to disprove the left-hand rule.

In nature, all materials seem to obey the right-hand rule. The fingers of the right hand represent the waves of the electric field, and when you curl the fingers around to the base of the hand, this represents the magnetic field the outstretched thumb indicates the direction of the flow of power

Back in 1968 a Russian theorist V.G. Veselago had predicted that new materials could be engineered to interact with our environment, which is just the opposite of how natural materials react. In 2000, researchers at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) confirmed this, creating what's known as the first "left-handed" material. A special team at UCSD created material that caused fields to move to the left even though the electromagnetic energy moved to the right. The light waves produced in this material also produced an inverted Doppler effect. Researchers at MIT and the University of Delaware, is also exploring left-handed media.

We are now discovering that the things we held to be inviolable can in fact, be violated under certain conditions. Many research teams are already able to build structures that support this theory.

Much of my research over the past 17 years has proved that these new kinds of materials can cause different affects when it comes to magnetic fields. Iím already using left-handed material in my ERR (Electromagnetic Radiation Receiver) experiments. Iíve proven this theory with my ERR prototype. Lawrence Rayburn a researcher of electromagnetic fields has also proved this theory with his left-hand wound coils. Even though some of us have proven the left-hand theory, no one seems to want to admit that we have disproved one of the sacred laws of nature.

Youíll find the drawing of my special experimental Flux Power Station in the Noahís Ark Research Foundation folder in photos.. A special frequency generator is used to induce a series of alternating frequencies to create a flow of electrons when activating the magnetic flux field. This theory is still in the experimental stages so I still have a lot of research and testing for safety and other factors.

The secret is in the material used, the size of the wire and the number of turns plus the frequency and how you alternate that frequency. There are many combinations that will allow you to get small amounts of electrons to flow.

I finished a simple set of drawings for my first 160,000 watt power station. I donít want to release my blueprints because it might fall into the wrong hands. These simple drawings and information is not enough for other research organizations to copy our technology.

We still need to build the first prototype and test it over a period of time to make sure itís safe and to fix any bugs that we might find. The smaller model worked very well but we donít know how the bigger one will work until itís built and tested.

This ERR Flux Power Station is designed to run a large house or you can add more Flux Power Vaults which is 10,000 watts or more each if you need more power. It can even be built big enough for a factory or a whole community of houses.

Iíve already started building the first prototype in the basement of our house in the Philippines. My crew has already poured the cement for the chambers. The copper and fiberglass tracks with all the electrical contacts where the Flux Plates slide into place are being built in our machine shop. After the chambers are finished and the cement is cured the tracks will be bolted into place. The cement work will take about two weeks to finish the 16 chambers. By then the first 10 tracks will be ready to install. Each Flux Power Plate as itís finished will be slid into place and tested to make sure itís making proper contact. After all 10 Flux Power Plates have been slid into place and tested we can bolt the airtight chamber vault door into place. Then we will be ready to test the o-rings with a vacuum pump. After the chamber has passed the vacuum test we can pressure-rise the chamber to 1.5 psi with a special gas. Then the first chamber will be ready to go on line producing 10 to 18,000 Watts DC power. The reason weíre not sure of the exact output is because we are developing new left-handed materials that could possible increase the output by as much as eight times. As each new chamber comes on line I can disassemble my older smaller ERR units. My older ERR units have become more bothersome and costly to maintain over the years.

The new Flux Power Plates should be maintenance free for many years (I hope). As we develop newer and better Power Plates the older Plates can be easily replaced by shutting down one chamber at a time.

After the frequency generator is shut down going to that chamber then the cover can be removed exposing the plates. If the new Flux Power Plates are the same thickness then the old plates are simply slid out and the new plates slid into place. If the new plates are thicker or thinner then the tracks will need to be replaced. After replacing the plates the o-rings on the vault door is replaced and the cover is bolted back on. The chamber will be vacuum tested and if no leaks are found then the chamber can be pressure-rised to 1.5 psi with a special gas and the frequency generator can be turned on. After output is tested the chamber is ready to be added to the power station.

Drawing # 1 shows the chambers without the airtight covers. The chamber holds ten Flux Power Plates that are 48Ē X 48Ē X 4Ē which can produce 1,000 to as high 8,000 watts each depending on the Plates. As we design newer left-handed materials that support electromagnetic wave propagation we will be able to increase the power output. Each chamber is designed with special slots and electrical connectors to connect to the Flux Power Plates when they are slid into position in the chamber. The reason for individual chambers is so that the whole system need not be shut down in case of a Flux Plate burn out. One chamber can be shut down to replace one or more burnt Plates without shutting down the whole Power Station. It also shows the frequency and power lines. The lines coming from the frequency generator going into the chamber and the heavy DC output lines use the same sealed system.

Drawing #2 is basically the same as #1except it shows the gas lines going to each chamber and it has the covers bolted into place. Each vault has an airtight cement cover to seal the chamber so that we can extract all the air and fill the chamber with a special gas at a pressure of 1.5 psi. These covers with their o-ring seals are very important so that no air can leak into the chamber. Any oxygen in the chamber can cause flash burns between the plates. It also shows the electrical lines going from each vault to the main power box. Drawing #3 shows a front and side view of the Flux Power Plates.

Drawing #4 shows one of the inner aluminium plates which is different from the two outer solid aluminum plates. Each of these inner plates has 144 slots that are cut to 10 Ĺ X 2 Ĺ cm where 144 special coils are inserted.Drawing #5 is a close up of the ten Flux Power Plates and the tracks.